Fleet Reviews

Where operationally practical, low emission vehicles can save your business significant sums of money through lower fuel, tax, servicing and repair bills. Not sure if low emission vehicles are right for your business? Our fully funded fleet reviews can independently assess the case for low emission vehicles specifically within your fleet, identifying where you might be able to reduce both costs and emissions. Follow the links below to find out how you can save! Read our Fleet Review Case Study for Nottingham City Homes Book your fully funded fleet review

The Process

We have a proven and simple process to deliver you an accurate and informative fleet review:

Step 1: Kick-off Call

One of our technical specialists will get in touch to discuss your company, your fleet and your vehicle operations in more detail. This kick-off call will end with a request for fleet data; the more detail you can provide, the better your fleet review will be.

Step 2: Data Analysis

Based on the data you are able to provide, our team of technical specialists from Cenex and the Energy Saving Trust will analyse your data to identify the most operationally practical low emission vehicle solutions that offer both emissions reductions and financial savings to your specific business operations.

Put simply, our fully funded fleet review will be able to tell you, using independent real-world data, what technologies would work for your business, and report on the cost and emission impacts of implementing this technology.

Step 3: Results

The results of our fleet analysis will be presented to you through a written report, as well as a face-to-face appointment (where appropriate) in which we will discuss our findings and any next steps required for the implementation of identified low emission options.

Depending on the type of fleet review undertaken, further information such as driving patterns, possible TCO (total cost of ownership) savings and guidance on required charging infrastructure will also be provided.