Events & Engagement

All of our events are free to attend and they offer great networking opportunities. Our list of future events can be seen below; if you or a colleague might be interested in attending, register your interest now to receive updates and have priority booking for events that might have limited numbers.

Ride & Drive events – allowing you to take out and test vehicles in a real-world setting.
ULEV Clinic – a highly informative, engaging workshop run over a few hours.

Driving an Electric Vehicle – A Beginner’s Guide

Drivers who have never driven an electric vehicle (EV) can sometimes feel apprehensive and nervous about taking an EV out on to the road for the first time. This is often due to an unfamiliarity with the driving style of EVs combined with negative perceptions based on EV myths. A further issue can be that new drivers initially tend not to drive EVs in the most energy efficient way. This can result in the vehicle’s electric driving range quickly decreasing and the novice driver experiencing ‘range-anxiety’.

To tackle such issues, we have designed a beginner’s ‘Driving an Electric Vehicle’ online course, which provides an overview of electric vehicle driving techniques. We aim to give drivers the confidence to get in an EV and ‘give it a go’!

Course Structure

During the course you will learn how EVs are easy and fun to drive, about the vehicle controls, maximising the vehicle’s range, how to charge an EV, plan long journeys, and we will dispel many EV myths. You will have a chance to view instruction videos and test your knowledge with short multiple-choice quizzes.

The course takes up to an hour to complete in its entirety or course modules can be worked through individually.

Take part in the online course