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ULEV Experience Robin Hood Media

Robin Hood Media

Robin Hood Media is a television production company, making programmes for clients such as the BBC, including the Sunday Politics East Midlands show. Rob Pittam, owner of Robin Hood Media, trialled a Hyundai Kona Electric for a month, provided by the ULEV Experience.

Rob had been looking at EVs and felt that the Kona could work, due to its long driving range. The trial of the vehicle allowed him to live with the car for a month. Rob didn’t have a home EV chargepoint, but despite this he found – with a bit of research – that it was easy to charge the car using local public chargepoints in Nottingham. With the Kona achieving a range of 280 miles it proved to be practical – as well as great to drive. Rob even found that the driving range at motorways speeds matched what the car predicted.

By the end of the trial Rob had enjoyed the Kona so much that he’s now the proud owner of one. However he will still continue to cycle around Nottingham as his preferred transport option.

The next job is to look at options for an electric vehicle for the company’s cameraman, who, like most film crews, carries lots of equipment. Pure EVs will benefit from zero percent benefit in kind tax from April 2020, so, apart from the low running costs, this will be a strong incentive to switch to an electric company car.

Commenting on the loan, Rob says “Having covered lots of stories about air quality, I felt it was time to look at reducing emissions with any future personal vehicle. The trial of the Hyundai Kona Electric provided by the ULEV Experience allowed me to assess the car before buying. This gave me the confidence to become an EV owner, and the Kona is proving to be very capable for instances when cycling isn’t a practical option!”