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ULEV Experience Remit Group

Remit Group

Remit Group is an apprenticeship provider, delivering training in the workplace around the UK, including in Scotland.

The ULEV Experience provided the company with a Hyundai Kona Electric and a Kia e-Niro to trial. The e-Niro managed 270 miles on one charge, and an eco-driving competition developed to see who could go furthest when the Kona was on trial, with an impressive 330 mile range being achieved.

Remit has a fleet of 110 vehicles, with around 50 cars currently due for renewal. Most driving is from city to city; the cars have trackers, which show that the average return journey is around 90 miles.

At forthcoming fleet renewals the aim will be to switch from diesel to electric or hybrid powertrains. The change of Benefit in Kind tax reducing to zero percent for pure electric cars in April 2020 is likely to be a strong incentive for people to consider switching to an EV. Remit already has a chargepoint installed at its Nottingham site.

Alan Akester from Remit says about the trial: “It’s been interesting to try to get people to understand that the cars that we’ve had on loan don’t have an engine – so there’s no noise when you start them. Virtually all staff members haven’t driven an electric car before, and many haven’t driven an automatic, so a car with no gears is a new concept. The ULEV Experience trial has been really useful to introduce people to EVs and to raise awareness about their benefits.

“The people that have trialled the Kona and the e-Niro have all said they would consider an electric car when they next replace their vehicle, especially as the availability of EVs is due to improve, along with the continued expansion of the chargepoint network.”