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ULEV Experience Halsbury Travel

Halsbury Travel

Halsbury Travel is a tour operator specialising in inspirational school trips abroad. The company recognises that it has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact and this is a core part of the company’s strategy and the culture of its business. By August 2021, Halsbury is aiming to offset any carbon emissions that it is not able to reduce, thereby ensuring that its trips are carbon neutral from that point onwards. This stance is particularly appropriate for working with young people, who are very aware of the need for sustainability.

Halsbury already has two electric cars – a Tesla Model S for longer journeys, and a Nissan LEAF for more local trips – along with charge points and solar panels. Work is also being carried out to encourage staff to cycle to work.

The opportunity was taken up for a month-long loan of a Hyundai Kona Electric from the ULEV Experience in order to give other members of staff the opportunity to trial an EV.

Katie Wylie was one of the main drivers of the Kona during the loan and she was impressed with many aspects of the car, including it being much smoother and more responsive than her own petrol car. Katie felt that the Kona made driving much more enjoyable and she would certainly look at an EV for her next car. She also wasn’t aware that there were EVs with the range of the Kona – around 280 miles – that were as affordable.

Katie felt that the Kona was ideal for her relatively short commute to and from work, but it would also be suitable for longer journeys, especially with a bit of planning for any charging that might be needed en route. Katie charged the Kona during the time she had it with no problems.

The plan for the future is to replace other vehicles out of the fleet of 22 company cars with electric models. A scheme is also due to be launched to incentivise staff to move to EVs for their next personal cars.

Halsbury Travel has also been approved for the Nottingham City Council Workplace Travel Grant, which will be used by the company to install fast charging points, purchase electric pool bikes and install shower cubicles.

Katie Wylie comments: “I’d never driven an electric car before so I was keen to see what it was like, especially as I wasn’t sure when I’d get another opportunity to try one. Driving it for a month really opened my eyes and I’m definitely planning on my next car being electric.”