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ULEV Question Time

Electric Vehicle Question Time Event Review

Nottingham’s ULEV Experience hosted an Electric Vehicle Question Time event at Nottingham Contemporary on 26 March, chaired by Rob Pittam from Robin Hood Media, which featured a number of panellists explaining the benefits they have received from running ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) on their fleets.

Nottingham businesses and public sector organisations were invited to the event in order to hear the experiences of local companies that have adopted ULEVs, as well having the opportunity to network with each other and meet the ULEV Experience team.

Dominic Moyes from DG Private Hire Ltd described how a diesel private hire vehicle costs £700 per month in fuel, whereas an electric vehicle costs just £175 in electricity, ie. an EV has just 25% of the fuel running costs of a diesel. EVs are also much cheaper in terms of maintenance.

Hayley Bow from Nottingham City Homes talked about how the organisation has benefitted from ULEV Experience fleet reviews and trials of electric vehicles – all fully-funded. Hayley also described how the ULEV Experience events have a ‘community feel’ and how they provide lots of information to organisations that are starting on the road to EVs.

Chris Beattie from Wego Couriers gave examples of how the company’s fleet of electric delivery vans were now able to travel beyond Nottinghamshire boundaries, due to increased range from the latest vehicle batteries and because of more rapid chargers in the region.

Matt Ralfe from Nottingham City Council discussed areas in which the organisation is adopting electric vehicles, such as electric road sweepers and waste collection vehicles, and provided more details about the Council’s forthcoming Electric Vehicle Servicing Centre.

Rasita Chudasama from Nottingham City Council presented about Nottingham’s vision for a clean air city, as well as giving a review of a recent trip to learn from ultra-low initiatives in India. Rasita said that babies in the area she visited are diagnosed as having asthma when they are just six days old, therefore large-scale action is being taken to encourage the widespread adoption of pure electric vehicles.

The Workplace Travel Service: ULEV Experience is a programme dedicated to supporting businesses to understand, trial and implement Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles, funded by Nottingham City Council’s Go Ultra Low City project. The ULEV Experience programme offers businesses and the public sector:

  • Fully-Funded Fleet Reviews – providing an independent assessment of the potential to integrate ultra-low emission cars and vans within a company fleet
  • Low Emission Vehicle Loans – enabling companies to undertake a month-long trial of electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Business Engagement and Events – enabling companies to network with peers and gain additional understanding of the benefits of running ULEVs

The ULEV Experience project can help organisations to save money on running company vehicles and to lower company CO2 emissions, as well as improving air quality (NOx) emissions in Nottingham.

Further business support is also available in the form of a Workplace Travel Service grant of up to £25,000 to support sustainable transport initiatives including workplace charging infrastructure.

To find out more about the ULEV Experience and how to secure your free vehicle trial or fully-funded fleet review visit:

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