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ULEV Experience Taxi Clinic Dec 18

Electric Taxi Test Drive and Clinic – Event Review

The ULEV Experience ran an Electric Taxi Test Drive and Clinic on 5th December 2018 at Nottingham Racecourse which was attended by 35 participants.

Rasita Chudasama from Nottingham City Council gave a presentation on Nottingham’s new Electric Taxi Scheme, covering areas such as Nottingham’s target for 40% ULEVs by 2020, and for all vehicles to change to Euro 6/Zero Emission Capable.

Rasita also confirmed that funding that has been secured includes:

  • £700k OLEV taxi charge points
  • £300k Electric Taxi Trial
  • £30k Cenex Taxi Study
  • £1m additional taxi measures

There are currently 15 Euro 6 taxis on the fleet, 9 LEVC electric taxis, plus the Council’s three trial vehicles.

Rasita’s presentation was followed by a Q & A session with Amer Alam, Nottingham’s first electric Hackney Cab taxi driver. Amer said that buying the LEVC taxi was the best decision he had ever taken, and that his monthly fuel costs had dropped by 70% as a result of using the vehicle. He also added that Nottingham should be praised for the work it was undertaking in installing charge points across the city.

Other experts were also on hand to answer questions on the following subjects:

Electric Taxi leasing, purchase and insurance options and EV Taxi tax exemptions

Daniel Severin, Plan Insurance and Jason Kron, Drivetax

A pay-per-mile taxi financing option – an alternative way to purchase a new electric taxi

Marina Sykes, Octopus Investments

Nottingham’s plans for a comprehensive electric vehicle charge point network

Mark Daly, Nottingham City Council

Delegates attending the event also had the opportunity to view, ride in and register to try out one of the new LEVC taxis which Nottingham has available as part of its ‘try before you buy’ taxi loan scheme, managed by DriveElectric.

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